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An Entirely New Era of Fitness
About Halytus Hookee

Smart Fitness: Halytus Hookee's Technological Wonder

Fitness has become an integral component of modern life. In a society that places great value on health and physical aesthetics, the demand for fitness equipment has skyrocketed; Halytus Hookee has...

A man is using HooKee Smart Gym to deadlift as Glute-Activating Exercise

7 Best Killer Glute Exercises At Home | Halytus

The blog provides information on seven glute-activating exercises for a firmer and stronger butt. It explains the causes of weak glute muscles and the importance of the gluteus maximus in enabling ...

A bowl of high-protein overnight oat with chocolate protein powder, berries, blueberries, strawberries and 1 tbsp honey.

Best 3 High-Protein Overnight Oat Recipes | Halytus

Three high-protein overnight oat recipes will be listed on this blog for easy and quick to make but packed with nutrition food.

On the left, one finger is clicking the button of Halytus HooKee Smart Gym to adjust resistance level. On the right, there are pics of digital weight which driven by HooKeen, showing 60 resistance.

See the Future of Digital Weight——Enhance Your Workouts

Digital weight, ground-breaking technology, has overcome various barriers that often hinder people's ability to engage in strength training. It eliminates the anxiety that comes with traditional we...

TrainingA man is using HooKee Smart Gym to squat. There several pics to show the function of HooKee fitness App as a personal trainer at home

How to fix "Butt Wink" for Proper Squat

Butt wink is when your pelvis rotates under at the bottom of the squat, causing your lower back to round. This can lead to injury, as it puts stress on your spine and can lead to discomfort or pain...

CrowdfundingHalytus Announces Launch of Hookee on Kickstarter

Halytus Announces Launch of Hookee on Kickstarter

  Next Gen Smart Home Gym With HydroFlex Technology HONG KONG, November 29, 2022 (Newswire.com) - The respected team at Halytus, made up of fitness lovers and deep tech enthusiasts creating innovat...