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Halytus App

Lose weight丨Build muscle 丨Stay fit 丨Improve strength 丨Exercise endurance

Real-time Feedback

Receive instant results in each workout for optimized performance and visualize calorie burn post-session. Maximize your exercise effectiveness.

Customized & Targeted Workouts

Tailor-made fitness programs designed to align with your fitness objectives, ensuring you're on the right path to achieve your desired results.

Long-term Fitness Insights

Get more than just calorie tracking. Observe your workout progress, including strength gains, over the long term for informed and enduring fitness strategies.


Experience Smart Fitness Gear for Strength & Fitness

Powered by HydroFlex® Technology, this lightweight, portable, and powerful smart home gym offers adjustable and constant 5-100 lbs resistance. It combines the performance of various fitness equipment, including dumbbells, squat racks, and Smith machines. Get ready for a new level of fitness!

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