Hookee Review from Beta User#1 -- Dejon Turner

Hookee Review from Beta User#1 -- Dejon Turner - Halytus
In order to gain further product feedback for Hookee, we have invited some fitness lovers to try out our beta test product demo. We hope various perspectives can bring the development of HooKee to the next level.
Our first fitness lover was Turner, a teacher, and a Strong Man competitor. He works out 4 days a week with the primary purpose of bodybuilding and strength training for his competition. He considers himself at an intermediate fitness level. However, decades of intense fitness training led to his body needing to manage recovery from all different things. His biggest struggle is to discover a new way to train without pain.
It was the first time that Turner tried Hookee out. He has never tried anything like this previously. He played around with HooKee in multiple movements to train almost full-body muscles.
“What else can I do with this?" He asked this question many times during the interview. He was surprised that even though he was afraid of the HooKee being too lite for him, he was still able to explore many different training positions with it. He was also amazed by the Hydronic feature of Hookee. The constant resistance protected him from injury when training with HooKee. ”Slow & control" is how he would comment about Hookee.
He adjusted the resistance level to max, then he started to sweat. “Oh I can feel my heart rate rising." He laughed.
The final question that we asked Turner was about whether or not he would recommend Hookee to his friends. He mentioned his hometown New York, where people usually have relatively limited space to live. In this case, Hookee is definitely the best option for his friends to keep their fitness routine without hustling around with life. Because they can literally take Hookee everywhere.
"Hookee is a unique product you must try to learn about. You can do a lot of things with Hookee." Turner concluded.

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