Halytus Announces Launch of Hookee on Kickstarter

Halytus Announces Launch of Hookee on Kickstarter - Halytus


The respected team at Halytus, made up of fitness lovers and deep tech enthusiasts creating innovative home gym solutions, just announced the launch of HooKee, a new smart home gym that can be used for over 100 fitness exercises with up to 100 lbs of resistance. This lightweight and compact home gym system let busy people get in shape and stay in shape faster, conveniently, at home, or on the road. Combining high technology and intelligent workouts, Hookee is an important tool for a healthier lifestyle and is available for pre-sale now.

Hookee is a revolutionary smart home gym device. Based on HydroFlex technology, it can output a variable resistance that makes it easy to perform both low-impact exercises and heavy lifting with a maximum of 100 lbs constant force. Built around this HydroFlex system, HooKee provides constant force output for a more balanced exercise. This innovative flexible materials design, driven by hydraulics allows maximum versatility in a compact package without adding extra weight and lets people work out in a more convenient way at home that is safe even for beginners. 

 "People today are busier than ever. Although everyone cares about their health, finding time to get to the gym can be hard. Not only that, but training with free weights or complicated machines at the gym often requires experience or the help of a trainer to ensure proper technique and avoid injury. Our goal with Hookee was to create an intelligent, easy-to-use, home and travel gym that could eliminate time-consuming trips to the gym and provide people with smart, app-guided workouts that were safe and easy to do at home. Hookee applies the latest in exercise technology with innovative materials that provide high output force, full adjustability, and a safer way to get fit. It lets you exercise on your terms, when and where you choose and save time and money." SHEN, Founder, Halytus

Because it utilizes HydroFlex technology rather than bulky free weights, Hookee is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere, even while traveling. Paired with various available accessories, the device can provide over 100 body-shaping fitness exercises covering all muscle groups of the body. This smart exercise system utilizes UltraLink for interaction with its App while working out, displaying data in real-time, with multiple workout routines that eliminate the need for a personal trainer and provide a modern guided workout that is fun and effective.  

This incredible new smart home gym concept with HydroFlex technology defines a new fitness experience and makes it easy for anyone to increase muscle, tone the body, and live a healthier lifestyle with fast, efficient body conditioning. Hookee is available now for pre-sale with rewards and special deals for early adopters. Learn more HERE.

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