Hookee Review by Beta Users #2——John Graham

Hookee Review by Beta Users #2——John Graham - Halytus

"How can the water create this strong level of resistance"?  

In order to gain unbaised product feedback for HooKee, we have invited some fitness lovers to try out our beta test product demo. We hope various perspectives can bring the development of HooKee to the next level.

Our second interviewee is John, 37 years old Blockchain Fitness Enthusiast and Fitness Actor. He workouts whenever he can, not allowing himself to take any excuse for not completing the routine. His main purpose of fitness is bodybuilding. In order to keep in nice shape, he needs to work out almost every day to achieve his goal. His struggle is that he travels a lot. When he goes to a new place for work, it is always a challenge for him to find a professional training spot.

The first time he saw HooKee, he was intrigued.

"How can the water create this strong level of resistance?"

He started to try out HooKee from different angles to train his muscles. He was amazed that HooKee was able to help him to train the specific muscle, which is usually difficult to find the best machine to train within the regular gym. "Especially for the back." he mentioned, "Pulling movements are difficult. But with HooKee, it is much easier."

"With the fact that I travel a lot, Hookee helps me to have the workouts done at my fingertips. It is super convenient and it has heavy loads. No need to worry about dropping it to hurt yourself, because it is lightweight."

The most interesting part of this interview was John's opinion on the price. The super early bird price that we prepared for HooKee was $199. So we asked the question "Would you purchase it if it's about 200 dollars?"

John was inspired by this question and then started to share with us his previous experience with fitness. From his perspective, if a device can help someone gain the long-term motivation of keeping fit, it is costless. When he experiences the Halytus App, he feels the potential of this young brand to become someone's source of encouragement for living a healthier lifestyle.

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