Strategies for Fitness as You Grow Older
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Aging Strong: Strategies for Fitness as You Grow Older

Halytus embraces intelligent, personalized, and comprehensive design principles, aiming to make it easier and more enjoyable for users to integrate fitness into their lives, regardless of age.

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Revolutionizing Home Fitness with Advanced Gym Equipment

If you are looking to invest in home gym equipment, Hookee Plus is a great choice. It features HydroFlex® technology, intelligent workout features, a compact and portable design, and adjustable res...

Build MuscleHow to Effectively Lose Weight and Build Muscle

How to Effectively Lose Weight and Build Muscle

As people age, many inevitably notice changes in their weight and overall health. Obesity has become a widespread concern, accompanied by risks of deteriorating health. Studies have shown that obes...


Halytus - Smart Fitness App is officially launched

As a smart fitness application designed to complement your use of the Hookee smart fitness device, the Halytus App caters to a wide range of exercise needs, from beginners to professional fitness e...

About Halytus HookeeAn Entirely New Era of Fitness

Smart Fitness: Halytus Hookee's Technological Wonder

Fitness has become an integral component of modern life. In a society that places great value on health and physical aesthetics, the demand for fitness equipment has skyrocketed; Halytus Hookee has...

A man is using HooKee Smart Gym to deadlift as Glute-Activating Exercise

7 Best Killer Glute Exercises At Home | Halytus

The blog provides information on seven glute-activating exercises for a firmer and stronger butt. It explains the causes of weak glute muscles and the importance of the gluteus maximus in enabling ...