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Do you have successfully executed your 2023 fitness plans? Do you still recall the fitness goals you set for yourself? Is your belly still lingering with excess weight, and is your physique expanding horizontally?

Fitness is a long-term investment, requiring time, energy, and perseverance. To achieve optimal fitness results, it's crucial to establish a rational, long-term fitness plan.

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How to Develop a Sensible Fitness Plan

1. Specific and Measurable Goals

Concrete goals are the cornerstone of a successful plan. Break down vague objectives like "I want to lose weight" into specific numbers. Determine the exact kilograms you aim to shed, making your goals measurable. Understanding the caloric density of body fat (approximately 9 calories/gram) allows a clearer insight into the required calorie expenditure. This detailed goal-setting aids in maintaining motivation as progress becomes evident.

When daily calorie intake exceeds expenditure, exercise contributes to muscle growth. Conversely, if daily calorie intake is lower than expenditure, exercise becomes more conducive to fat loss. A useful benchmark is that to lose one kilogram, you need to burn approximately 7,700 calories.

2. Comprehensive Health Assessment

In addition to basic data like height and weight, a holistic evaluation of your current health status is necessary. Factors such as body flexibility and muscle mass should also be considered. Halytus App, during initial registration, collects user information through a questionnaire to better recommend personalized plans.

3. Plan Formulation

A well-rounded fitness plan incorporates aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Tailor a comprehensive plan based on your goals and physical condition. To prevent monotony, regularly switch up your training routine to challenge different areas of your body.

Here's detailed guidance from Halytus professional fitness coaches on how to use Hookee effectively, especially for beginners seeking practical workout advice.

How to build upper body muscles


Day 1:


Kneeling Chest Fly (4 sets)


Seated Chest Push (4 Sets)


Seated Tricep Press Down (4 Sets)

Upper body fitness

Day 2:


Kneeling Back Fly (4 Sets)


Seated Row (4 Sets)


Preacher Curl (4 Sets)

Upper body fitness 2

Day 3:


Bent Over Row (4 Sets)


Bent Over Press (4 Sets)


Uptight Row (4 Sets)

Upper body fitness 3

Keep fit 3 days a week, repeat for 12 weeks

How to build lower body muscles


Day 1:


Deadlift (4 sets)


Lunge (Left & Right) (8 Sets)

Lower body fitness


Day 2:


Romanian Deadlift (6 Sets)


Tall Kneeling Good Morning (6 Sets)

Lower body fitness 2


Day 3:


Deadlift (4 sets)


Lunge (Left & Right) (8 Sets)

Lower body fitness 3

Keep fit 3 days a week, repeat for 12 weeks

How to lose body fat


Day 1:


Lunge Row (Left & Right) (8 sets)


Bent Over Row(6 sets)

Lower body fitness


Day 2:


Deadlift(4 sets)


Bent over Row and press(4 sets)


Seated Row(6 sets)

Lower body fitness


Day 3:


Romanian Deadlift (4 sets)


Tall Kneeling Good Morning (4 sets)


Sitting Retraction With Bicep Curl (4 sets)

Lower body fitness

Keep fit 3 days a week, repeat for 12 weeks.  Recommended to use a damping of less than 20 lbs.

4. Find Enjoyable Exercise Methods

Ensuring your exercise rhythm aligns with your lifestyle and interests is crucial. After initial forays into fitness, customize your routine to include exercises that suit you. This could encompass team sports, yoga, jogging, or using the Hookee smart fitness device. Adopting a personalized approach makes it easier to stay motivated, driven by a love for the activity rather than just chasing a goal.

Workout Plan with Hookee

5. Receive Feedback & Adjust the Plan

Utilize Halytus App's exercise reports, summarizing calorie consumption, workout frequency, duration, and timing details. Gain a deeper understanding of your fitness level and adjust your weekly fitness plan accordingly, ensuring more efficient progress toward your fitness goals.

I'm pleased you've reached the end of this article. I hope you've gained insights into creating a fitness plan tailored to your needs and are ready to take action. Remember, focusing on your fitness goal and initiating action from this moment onward is the key to achieving a healthy and perfect physique.

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